November 2006

I was sitting with my colleagues last night, eating a late dinner. For some of us, including me that day, it was the first real, hot meal. The conversation was slow, as usual only briefly touching subjects related to the company. (more…)

So, I’m moving between countries again and it is like moving between worlds a bit. Ukraine was a different world from Prague, where I was for the first two days of this week. As Lviv was run down, dirty and unwelcoming so Prague is clean and european in every aspect. (more…)

Yesterday I flown from Ukraine to Poland. What a relief it was to finally see normal, smiling people, women without cheap makeup and a clean, organized airport. Visiting Ukraine really changes one’s prospective a bit. The distance between Ukraine and Poland is much bigger than between Poland and, say, Austria.

Let’s just hope Ukrainians will manage to pull themselves out of poverty within few decades.

It’s my first time to Ukraine and most stories I’ve heard about this place turn out to be true. Arrival at the airport was an interesting experience already. When the plane landed the first vehicle to approach it was an old Soviet truck painted yellow. An elderly, unshaved man in dirty clothes descended and connected a power cable to the aircraft. Then a whole bunch of uniformed women appeared followed by the bus. (more…)

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