Andy Brandt

I’m an Observer and Seeker of Truth and Meaning.

Basic data:

  • Gender: male
  • Industry: IT. More about my professional side here.
  • Location: Cracow, Poland, European Union, Earth

My hobbies include photography and ham radio (licensed since 1988, call sign SP9AB – ex. SP5WCA).

Some of my other interests (in random order):

  • astronomy
  • music
  • books
  • philosophy
  • sailing
  • computing
  • writing
  • politics
  • science
  • technology
  • history
  • theater
  • movies
  • seti
  • religions and spirituality

I do believe in God and I’m a Roman Catholic. I also practiced Zen meditation. No, I don’t think those are mutually exclusive.

Some background about this page
It was always hard for me to write anything about myself. What you see above is a slow evolution from what started as my profile on

It was easier to start from something, although the secret of writing lies in starting with anything. I have been blogging since early 2005 (yes, I blog this long!) and you can now find a lot of stuff to read here.