So, I’m moving between countries again and it is like moving between worlds a bit. Ukraine was a different world from Prague, where I was for the first two days of this week. As Lviv was run down, dirty and unwelcoming so Prague is clean and european in every aspect.

First, the airport – big, modern, well organized. I think it is nicer than Vienna actually. It was the first time I’ve flown there, previous visits were always by car or (once) train.

Then the city itself. What I visited was a very modern office district and the charming old town. Clean cars on clean streets. People dressed normally, smiling and laughing.

Then, Bucarest, where I am now. Frantic beat of the city with its traffic and everyone seemingly moving swiftly about his business. Romanian style these days seems to be that everything is new and more is being built. We slept at a hotel, which was built last summer and from my room’s window I could see another construction site. Yes, the construction quality of this building left a bit to be desired, but the service was good and breakfast selection quite satisfying. And to think that when I was here in August the building was just being constructed.

Along the way to the airport I saw an overpass being constructed. Again, when I was here in August there was nothing there – now pylons are already erected. At this speed by next March the whole thing will be completed.

I have to say that somehow I really do like Bucarest, I like coming here (even though I’m not sure if the local office is as glad to see me as I’m to be here). But it’s again a different world than the Czech capital.

Now I’m waiting for the plane to fly to Iasi, a town close to Moldovian border in the north. I wonder how such a place will look like and whether provincial Romania is as likable as its capital.