I was sitting with my colleagues last night, eating a late dinner. For some of us, including me that day, it was the first real, hot meal. The conversation was slow, as usual only briefly touching subjects related to the company.

I took some pictures and it was then when it struck me, that five men dinning together is a sad sight indeed. All of those present should be at this hour with their wives and families. One of the guys has two kids – they get to see him on weekends. If everything goes well.

I was missing the woman I love that night. I wonder why they don’t? Or maybe they do? If it works out for us I don’t want to lead this kind of life. It probably looks exciting on the outside, but in all reality it is just tiring and lonely. I can get tired, I can work hard, but want to be close to the one I love every day – not just on some weekends. And if I ever will be a father I will do everything to give my kids the attention they deserve and spend quality time with them.

There is nothing that is worth being a “weekend husband” or “weekend father”. No business is worth it. And surely no job – work for someone else’s business – is worth it. I think it might be better to be a bit poorer but loved and happy than rich and lonely or in a cold, detached relationship. Isn’t loving and being loved all that ultimately matters?