It is always with amazement that I find looking at my statistics, that the set of key words that brings most of random visitors to this humble blog is “Dilbert Scrum”. This is so ever since I’ve commented on an episode of Dilbert in which agile is mentioned. Based on it I’ve moved on to discuss Scrum – and probably no one else did exactly that, because if you type “Dilbert Scrum” into Google that post of mine is now number 1. I suspect this post will strengthen that effect.

Interestingly, I’m not sure Dilbert ever referred to Scrum directly but even so people think he must have – so they look for it. Also, this shows that people want to find an image, not a text. Texts are boring, you have to concentrate (which is hard) and think sometimes (which is even harder). Images are much much easier. Which is, probably, why Dilbert brings so many visitors to my page who come for only one thing: the link to the comic strip (BTW: It was wrong, I just fixed it).