December 2006

I’m meeting a lot with friends these days. Since most of them are not single I could say that I was looking at love in its different forms and stages this Christmas. Yet one meeting in particular was an experience that left a lasting impression on me. I did see true love with my own eyes and it’s something hard to shake off. (more…)

So, Christmas is inevitably coming. And it so occurred to me than since childhood there was only once a time when I somehow lived through this holiday and was happy with it.

And when I was a kid the moment I liked most was on the first or second day of Christmas when my parents were usually visiting someone in the evening. I was then left alone at home. I was just sitting by the tree with all lights on, reading books, watching some TV or listening to the radio. I liked those moments.

Now when I look at it as an adult I think it is a bit sad an image – lonely kid by the christmas tree. But, it’s still a good memory.

So open your heart and feel,
Open your soul and follow me,
Open your mind and see,
Open my soul and follow me.

One of the songs on the Schiller‘s album Tag und Nacht.

Ours is a simple story.
It looks so complex, so difficult…
only to us, only now.
In the ocean of the mind
our two streams found each other.

And that is all,
and yet that is so much.
Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it precious?

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