I’m meeting a lot with friends these days. Since most of them are not single I could say that I was looking at love in its different forms and stages this Christmas. Yet one meeting in particular was an experience that left a lasting impression on me. I did see true love with my own eyes and it’s something hard to shake off.

They are a couple that is together for a mere couple of months, yet they behave like if they have been together always. I’ve known both independently for some time, and I have to say that I had to consciously remind myself that they were not together just a year ago. Even for me – a mere observer – it was palpably obvious that this is the way things were supposed to be. The strength of their feeling was even more admirable because they not only recognized their Simple Story of Encounter, they overcame their fears and turned their lives around completely to be together. And they were not only aware of their fears, they were talking about them, completely at ease – not paralyzed by them, rather mobilized to prevail over them – together.

Their union did one more thing, which I could see since I’ve known them before – it has blown away many other limitations that were blocking their minds before. Now they boldly move to realize their shared dreams in other areas of life, and suddenly it turns out that all the limits, all the impossibilities were only in their minds. Through the light of their love they now see the world as it really is: full of possibilities and potential.

I wish them all the luck in their ambitious plans for the future, though I’m sure I don’t have to wish them happiness. It is with them already and most probably always will.

I live on this world for some time, I did see many couples in different stages of their relationships, I know some who are happily together years after – but I’ve never ever seen anything like those two. It was like seeing an authentic Van Gogh and realizing the difference between the original and a reproduction. It was like seeing the light.