October 2006

I’ve read an interesting article in The Economist about the concept called “augmented cognition“. It’s a quite wide idea but the article concentrated on the software that is designed to reduce the number of interruptions to the user (be it a fighter pilot or a busy businessman). It tries to guess how busy the user is by analyzing user’s actions (typing pattern, applications open, windows content etc.) – but also brain waves or posture in front of the computer. (more…)

Frankfurt airport sucks. It is supposedly a world-class hub, but half of its halls are in shambles, with makeshift, ugly walls and worn down seats. What got me going was trying to find power for my laptop. (more…)

It has been said (and written) many times that this just doesn’t work. Without authority over something one can’t be expected to deliver results. And I’m afraid I find myself in that position exactly. I guess I’m learning a lesson. So, I thought it over and here are my conclusions. (more…)

I’ve just looked at the new Apple “Mac and PC” ads and there is one, called Self Pity, which is exactly what I proposed here on this blog a bit more than a month ago. Wow! Guess it was so obvious it starred at everyone as the missing piece of the puzzle.

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