Frankfurt airport sucks. It is supposedly a world-class hub, but half of its halls are in shambles, with makeshift, ugly walls and worn down seats. What got me going was trying to find power for my laptop. It turns out that finding a simple power socket proves to be a challenge here.

First I (naively) inquired at the information desk. A polite lady told me with disarming honesty that “it will be very hard to find something like zis” and that except for airline lounges there is no such thing as a business center or something similar. Finally, after checking all the corners in the departure hall C I found a single electrical socket on a pillar behind a trash can. Probably the only one in the whole hall. I suspect it was left there so that cleaning crews can connect their vacuum cleaners. A passing-by fellow computer user told me it’s one of three such sockets in the whole airport.

In short: shame. They should finally notice people have laptops now when they travel. And look to the examples of places like Munich or Zurich. In Zurich they even have a special corner for laptop owners with tables and power sockets. That’s world-class. Unlike FraPort.