May 2006

After a few months of experience I have to say that developing a business in Poland is akin to trying to run in a swamp. You can start fast, but no matter how hard you try the mud will slow you down. The mud in this particular swamp is composed of two main ingredients – people and bureaucracy. (more…)

It wasn’t the best of days… I’m really tired after last week with no weekend and quite frankly I don’t work at full power right now. I don’t feel good physically, I had a sudden and strong catarrh today – I used a few packages of kleenex since morning, which begun rather late BTW – after another night when I had trouble getting into bed early enough to be rested in the morning. All that after yesterday, which was very good but ended rather sadly, my sense of optimistic well being first disturbed by a minor incident of being ignored by someone then seriously hit by a major problem developing in my latest plan for the future. (more…)

Two days ago as I was on the train to Warsaw. Too tired to work I just looked out of the window at the scenery moving slowly outside. As the train left the city and made its way through the green hills north of Cracow I admired the sunset. When the sun is so low over the horizon the light is magical, with a golden tone. Immersed in it the trees and bushes, the walls of buildings and people’s faces appeared nicer, richer and more sublime – everything looked more harmonious than usual. (more…)

I just upgraded my blog to the new version of WordPress. It was fairly easy, but I must say that though the admin interface is a bit nicer there is not much new functionality. However, there is something called Akismet which is a spam fighting solution for blogs. In fact, the surge in comment spam my blog receives prompted me to finally upgrade from WP 1.5 – in the last three days I had more than 800 comments – all spam of course. I hope most of that will be caught by this new plugin.

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