Two days ago as I was on the train to Warsaw. Too tired to work I just looked out of the window at the scenery moving slowly outside. As the train left the city and made its way through the green hills north of Cracow I admired the sunset. When the sun is so low over the horizon the light is magical, with a golden tone. Immersed in it the trees and bushes, the walls of buildings and people’s faces appeared nicer, richer and more sublime – everything looked more harmonious than usual.

Or maybe it’s just how I felt watching it all from the carriage window. In my frantic, work focused days I don’t have time to admire this calm, elegant show nature runs almost every evening. Living in the middle of the city I don’t even see it. What I see all the time is the computer screen, e-mails on it, problems in them, hotels and offices where I sit reading them and people who write them – and people I meet, they act friendly but don’t really care.

In such moments I wonder whether it is worth it.