March 2006

I’m in Bucarest today. It’s my first time in Romania – it’s just for two days but it has been very interesting. It’s still a very poor country and it shows everywhere – even the most important place in the city center, where the government resides and the events of the 1989 uprising started is dirty and caotic. Roads are in bad shape and the way taxi drivers drive makes your hair stand. But the country is now developing very fast and it also shows. (more…)

(Some) humans are strange creatures. Apparently to get together and have fun they need to somehow harm their bodies at least by inhaling toxic fumes. (more…)

Once upon a time there was a young Zen monk who lived in a small, old temple in the mountains studying with his old master, Tetsu-Jin. The temple was indeed old, poor and not well maintained. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer, the roof leaked and the food was limited. The young monk didn’t like his temple, he felt sorry for himself and other monks that they have to practice in such misery. But though unhappy he never divulged his feelings to other monks and especially his old master, because he liked and respected him. (more…)

I stumbled today across this piece in Newsweek about the rise of movement to legalize polygamy in the US. Of course, it’s very American that every group of likely-minded Americans gets immediately organized, hires lobbyists and has a web site, magazine and weekly meetings throughout the country. What is new is that now all kind of twisted and hurt minds organize to advocate their afflictions as lifestyle choices under the mighty banner of “civil rights”. The article points out that making gay “marriage” legal would open the door to make polygamy legal – and this is indeed only logical. I’ve been long telling everybody that gay activists discriminate against polygamists because if we scrap the old definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman then why limit it to just two humans? In fact, why limit it only to humans? So, the next logical step would be for zoophiles to organize and fight for their civil rights. To paraphrase the Newsweek article – if Heather can have two mommies or two mommies and a daddy why not two daddies and their beloved goat?

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