(Some) humans are strange creatures. Apparently to get together and have fun they need to somehow harm their bodies at least by inhaling toxic fumes.

Yesterday I accepted the invitation from HQ staff and joined their evening get together. It was fun, people are nice and they had something to talk about besides work. So I quite enjoyed being with them. The problem is with one exception (of our core systems guru) all those people smoke. In fact in this club or cafe or whatever that place was everybody smoked. Smoking culture is till strongly ingrained in Poland, sadly also among the young people. Interestingly, all women present were smoking which is even more disgusting – I really don’t like smoking girls.

But, after all, it’s their business if they want to harm themselves. Unfortunately, they hurt me too. After three hours my eyes were stinging and my lungs hurt. I was completely soaked in tobacco smoke and when I got home I felt a bit dizzy. Even today, in the morning, I can still feel the effects of this poisoning.

So as much as I liked the people I think I will pass on the future meetings with them – at least until the summer when the gardens will open making it possible to sit outside.