February 2006

One of my friends has sent me this interesting article. It’s a very honest look at the situation of Europe today – even if blunt and a bit simplified. Fareed Zakaria summarizes why future of Europe looks less bright than EU officials would like us to believe. (more…)

Since I have to work a bit today and the Internet in the hotel doesn’t work (GNAG – don’t use them if you ever come across their misconfigured APs) I have been sitting for the last few hours in this cafe called Maibach. It has free WLAN, so laptop-equipped folks make up now roughly half the number of customers. (more…)

So, I’m again in Berlin! This time I’m not visiting my friends, just staying over the weekend to get better price for air tickets – and, let’s face it, being outside of Poland is always better even if it’s just a weekend. (more…)

I’ve seen “Munich” yesterday, the Spielberg’s controversial depiction of Palestine terrorist attack during 1972 olympics and equally terrorist campaign of vengeance killings of Palestine leaders by top secret Israeli commandos. It’s mainly a story of the leader of one such groups, going around Europe and killing Palestinian activists one by one according to a list handed down from the government. (more…)