Since I have to work a bit today and the Internet in the hotel doesn’t work (GNAG – don’t use them if you ever come across their misconfigured APs) I have been sitting for the last few hours in this cafe called Maibach. It has free WLAN, so laptop-equipped folks make up now roughly half the number of customers.

It’s a quite nice place, the only problem here is the same as in most Berlin cafes and restaurant: smoking. Apparently typical Berliner can’t imagine his meal – any kind of meal – or drink without a cigarette. Ashtrays are on every table and no-smoking signs can be seen only in the underground. Being a non-smoker I find it highly annoying. Even in Poland the situation is better as in most restaurants there is a non-smoking area, usually divided from the (smaller) smokers’ den.

Germans definitely have to do something about it, because it’s unbearable in the long run. Smokers should feel like hunted animals, should be able to smoke only in their private property and nowhere in the public. I feel already soaked in smoke but can’t leave being addicted to another strong drug – free Wi-Fi.