August 2006

So Apple posted some new ads with PC and Mac on their site. I love the one called “Devil/Angel”. And I have an idea for another one – “Mac” should appear also in a suit to “PC”‘s visible surprise and explain that you can also use Mac for serious work, business and stuff. In our group I’m not the only Mac user, in fact our chief strategist and M&A expert also uses a Mac. He does all financial modeling on it for example. And I can hardly think of anything more serious than finance. Another friend of mine who is a leading marketing consultant also uses a Mac – not to design ads as far as I know.

So there is much more to Macs than just iPhoto and fun. And Apple should show that too in their advertising…

I’ve stumbled accidentally upon someone’s personal web page on MySpace and there was this quote set in large letters: “Never make someone a priority when they only make you an option.”. Oh, how timely and relevant this anonymous advice is!

When you are about to start building something the first question to ask is, of course: couldn’t we buy it somewhere. In project management theory there is a seriously-sounding name for this consideration – “make or buy analysis”. It is described in books as a process of considering, weighting benefits and costs of both options to arrive finally to a final conclusion. All that looks pretty impartial, scientific almost . (more…)

When I came to Bucarest in March I didn’t expect to get back here so quickly. This time it’s middle of summer, so it was pleasantly hot. And we did get a more than fair share of Romanian hospitality. Folks from the office here treated us with dinner and a tour of the city. (more…)

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