December 2005

It has been a long day, but in a few moments I would finally get some sleep. Some things did clear up this evening – though not entirely the way I wanted them to it is nevertheless better to know where I stand. I just hope it didn’t show it made me a bit hm… melancholic – let’s put it that way.

With any luck this whole holiday period would be over soon and I would get back to my normal witty, sarcastic, persuasive and organized self.

The Christmas at my parent’s home is over very quickly. This time was no different. But one SMS made a lot of difference. Thanks.

I’ve just arrived in Zurich, in heavy snow. I never landed in such snowy conditions so it was quite interesting. As soon as the engines stopped everything went as in a Swiss watch – within ten minutes I was in the terminal building and then, having passed passport control, I have found to my amazement that my suitcase was already waiting for me on the stopped conveyer belt in the luggage claim area.

Having a one hour wait for my colleagues before me I headed to Starbucks where I relaxed enjoying Chai Latte tea and doing my e-mail. I soon found out that apart from the paid hotspot there is free access to the airpot web service where I could track the flights I waited for. This proved to be quite handy as my colleagues’ planes are late.

A week ago I was walking down the street in Warsaw from a popular flower market. I’ve just bought some beautiful roses for someone very close to my heart and was heading back to my car passing other people, everyone preoccupied with their own business. Two guys immersed in a conversation passed me and in that short instant just those few words reached me: “people are dying every two seconds”.

I don’t know what they were talking about. Maybe they were talking about starvation in Africa or human rights abuses in China or maybe about just a computer game or an action movie. But this short reminder about impermanence and karmic bounds didn’t upset me, it just made me enjoy my living seconds more that day.