My blog/site was down since last weekend, when the hard disk in the server it runs from crashed. It is not a professional operation, but rather a server kept and maintained by a group of friends who share the costs. So, at first everyone thought it’s just something simple that would be fixed quickly, but it turned out that the biggest and newest hard disk in the server broke down. It is a 200 GB Maxtor bought just about six months ago.

Fortunately, though the drive developed a nasty case of bad sectors, most of the data survived and it was finally recovered today. The only problem was, of course, that everyone had to decide and give up some files as there is no space now on the system to accommodate everything that was on that lost drive. So I lost some files, but nothing important or that I didn’t have elsewhere.

My blog’s contents was not even in danger, as the database with my scribblings is on another drive. Luckily, the design and everything was among the data that was recovered so I was able to get the blog up and running as soon as I got the recovered files copied to my folder.

So, I hope you missed me and I’ll get back to writing this and that over the weekend.