Now I know why some people have many blogs. It happened so that this blog has served recently mainly as an outlet for my writing – I posted short or very short stories on it. And I still want to do so, it is fun and in this way many ideas I have for them won’t get lost. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll gather the best of them and publish somewhere else. For now I just enjoy that.

But, from time to time I would like to write something else – like a commentary on something that’s going on in the world that I consider interesting or happen to have opinion about. Or something about my practice and Buddhism. Or a recipe. Or just a few words about my life. For example, today was a great day, 30C/86F, sunny, blue skies – and I enjoyed every single moment of this great, warm weather.

The problem is, some people who may like my writing (hope there are some) might not like my political views or posts about my life. I do understand now why people split their posts into many blogs. This way everyone gets what they want. And I started to wonder, whether I should do the same.

But after some consideration I decided not to. It’s, after all, “Andy’s Mind”, and my mind is not focused on just one thing. Quite the opposite. So, this place will reflect that. Enjoy it as it is!