Learning a new language is opening a new window to the world. New language is a new point of view, new way of thinking, new sounds and a glimpse on a new culture. I learn Spanish now and I already got to the point, where I know that with time I’ll know it as well as I do English. This is a joyous experience. And the moment, almost two years ago, when I started from scratch seems now so distant.

But it occurred to me that it is the same with almost every thing we learn or achieve. It seems distant at first, almost unattainable, then there is the joyous feeling when we manage to do it sloppily, for the first time. And then it becomes part of us. With time we integrate it so deeply it becomes part of the foundation on which we stand trying to learn or achieve another, new thing. And then, some of those abilities connect with our inner core, when we discover they were always there. That’s how we progress through time becoming more and more complex, more and more aware, from year to year, from life to life.

And all that musings because I managed today for the second time in a row to get to the city center before 10:30. Three days ago it seemed as if I was cursed, no matter how I tried I ended getting here around 11. But, yesterday I did it. And today too.

Small things can too be a way in which the mind expresses itself.