So, I was on a picnic yesterday. I didn’t take my car, but instead went to a place in the city where everybody met and got a lift from there. I ended up on a backseat of a luxurious Toyota station wagon with two guys I didn’t know. They didn’t know each other either. One of them was a famous photographer, the other was not.

The talk was slow. After a few exchanges I knew they prefer their own company and just listened silently to their chatter. As we were going smoothly through green suburbia one of them finished discussing how communist rule spoiled the society (in the context of seat-belts), and noticed the beauty of the landscape. After a while of complimenting back and forth how nice the surroundings were The Non-Photographer remarked, that he hates all the billboards and signs along the road, that distract him greatly when he drives. On top of that, he said, they also spoil such a great countryside.

– Oh, yes, that kills sensitivity for true beauty in the society – commented The Famous Photographer expertly,
– It has to be regulated! – said The Non-Photographer angrily,
– Absolutely, corrupting the countryside like this should be prohibited – agreed The Famous Photographer.

And we drove on. I just sat there with a sad half-smile, wondering whether I already lost my sensitivity for true beauty. Did you?