OK, I already knew Americans can sell strangest things and make business out of practically any conceivable activity. But these two sites are beyond anything I imagined.

The first is a company apparently selling plastic replicas of man’s balls to be hanged at the back of the cars. Or bikes, they have a smaller version.

The second are fecalgrams, or sh*t in a (fancy) box. Be sure to read the about – it contains the company’s history, which is even more astonishing. It turns out fancy packaged turd is a kind of family tradition. And, read the small print before you call the postal services to denounce them for sending bio-hazardous materials.

I continue to be amazed by the ingenuity with which (some) Americans earn their living. Before you laugh out of the heights of your respectable jobs notice that it’s exactly the same attitude (go ahead with the idea, turn it into a business) that helped build most of the IT industry for example.