All alarms I’ve ever used fall into two categories – they ones that are new and the ones that do not wake me up. It is so because I very quickly develop the ability to either ignore their sound or switch them off without waking up. Thus all the new ones inevitably get degraded into the second category.

This morning proves beyond any doubt that the one in the cellphone that I use currently has fallen into the second category. It was set to ring at 8:30 but I woke up at 9:45 with the cellphone in hand. I have only a vague memory of something ringing, but clearly it was not enough to wake me up. I was able to sleep more than an hour, pressing the snooze button (it means any button on the phone) unconsciously many times.

This has a strong correlation with the cold weather we have now. The colder the weather the less I’m willing to wake up, thus the more resistant I’m to alarms. Now, I just wonder whether the Clocky could be a solution…. hm… Naaa…. I think being woken up by a human, preferably a blonde female is the only way that actually works for me in the long run.