Another sunny, warm day here and I’m really enjoying myself. It has been fourth day in a row with the weather that I like best – 30C/90F, blue sky with just few white clouds, sun shining even into the basement (ex-garage) where 4pi is located. I just confirmed, again, that these are the conditions in which my body functions best. And I have been able to sleep with the window in my bedroom half-open, for the first time this year which means I slept better and even though I slept only 6 hours I don’t feel sleepy now. I definitely love this weather and I did everything to stay outside as much as possible to enjoy it.

Especially so since the forecasts are gloomy – a cold front is approaching, with rain and temperatures as low as 10C/50F during the day. Pity. I have to concentrate more on my Spanish. Definitely.

It seems that my last attempt at fiction (previous post) didn’t generate much interest, but I’m going to write on as I have a clear vision now of what the main character would do next. The only thing that hasn’t surfaced yet is how to mix the brunette from his dream again into the story and end it. But I think it will just come to me.