So I have seen “The Revenge of the Sith“, like millions everywhere. I didn’t expect much so the disappointment was not severe. The special effects and CG are superb, it’s nice to see the same old heroes again but the characters are underdeveloped, not convincing and the plot is thin, at times so thin it hurts. This whole Sidious’ intrigue, his behaviour around Anakin and later his tricks and false promises – all this is so obvious I’m sure even 5 year olds would be screaming “he’s the bad Sith lord” within ten minutes. Anakin’s internal conflict is at times pathetic, despite Hayden Christensen’s mimic effort. It all doesn’t add up – Anakin is supposed to be a brilliant commander, with great tactical and strategic insights capable of commanding the fleet and winning battles for whole planets yet he fails to see through a plot this simple. Sorry, I can’t buy this.

Of course, part of the fact that I remember seeing the original Star Wars for the first time so well is that I was then seven or eight years old and when I saw the second (Episode V) part I was ten. So, I think I like to see it sometimes mainly because it brings back distant memories of my mind as a kid.

Also, it was still a fresh idea then, fresh script, fresh project. Now there is no freshness left, it’s just the relentless machine of movie industry squeezing last drops out of the idea almost thirty years old. When I read enthusiastic news like this one boasting the amounts earned by the movie during the first days I realize this not art, it’s not about telling a story, conveying a meaning, expressing something – it’s about revenue streams. Nothing more. And it shows. It’s a great business – not much more beside it.