I’m having a frantic evening preparing for tomorrow. It turns out this PITA project won’t be completed tomorrow, which I do know already but others don’t. Yet. They won’t be happy, but it can’t be helped. Too much to change in the document in such a short time, also some corrections and comments from the client (one showing such ignorance it’s jaw-dropping) to process.

Furthermore, I have a meeting with a friend of friend who is also going to the seaside and will give me a lift there. The problem is that he wants to start at 16:30 sharp and that means I would have to leave work at 16:00 – or not go there at all working from home instead. I would have to weight my options in the morning and decide then. However, I decided already that no matter what would happen with the project and everything I won’t back down this time and I won’t let this opportunity to return to the sea pass.

Because, you see, I love the sea. I love to look at it. I love the sound of the waves both ashore and on the sea. I love the smell of the wind and I love to feel it blow against my face. I think the sea is the greatest metaphor of mind and everything. I can watch it for hours. And even as I won’t have much time for idle gazing on this trip I’m already anticipating all that familiar views, sounds and smells. I hope it would be great two days. See you then.