I was to write a long, thoughtful piece about freedoms, paperwork & alchemists but I’m too exhausted. Getting up too early does it to me always, too early being anything before 9:30 AM. I can’t understand how people can get up at hours like 6 AM and continue to be alive, but in most cases getting up at such hours is related to manual labor. Some correlation? Hm…

So, instead of philosophizing about the world at large I’m drinking beer, listening to Schiller and feeling generally happy and satisfied with myself and my day. Which was quite good.

I worked much today and there is a chance I’ll end this PITA project for the National Fund for Something Very Important – maybe even this Friday. And I just hope this is the last time I’m doing anything for a governmental agency here – people there tend to be not on my level, to be frank. Too much chaos, too little logic and/or intelligence – I just can’t talk with such people, communication somewhat doesn’t occur. To be fair I have to say that these are particularly bad, totally lost in illusion of own omniscience, but I’ve met some decent people even in gov on my previous projects.

I also have a chance to get another project, this time not related to government. Keep your fingers crossed.

Just a short news roundup before going to bed. So, Greasemonkey made it to Slashdot today – but I’ve already looked at it a few days ago and decided it’s not what I need. I need a way to program my Firefox to delete cookies from a certain site every second time I use it. Greasemonkey can’t do that, it is about rearranging content on a webpage and, frankly, I just don’t use websites whose design would piss me off enough to do any coding or scripting to make them usable.

Something I had a good laugh over – a guy named Victorio Farias discovered some early writings of the late Salvador Allende, the communist who was removed from power by Augusto Pinochet Ugarte – luckily for Chileans. It turns out he was fascinated by the Nazis in his young years, his doctoral thesis is just a pile of racist gibber and pure nonsense (which shows nicely and again that paperwork is worthless – some idiots allowed this piece of rubbish to pass as a scientific paper even back then) and he nearly introduced an eugenic program of killing “unfit” in his first government appointment as Minister of Health. (here are some articles about it – Spanish English)

I’m not that surprised, since I’ve read some of his talks just about the end of his reign – he could as well have been speaking on a Komintern meeting. It won’t help the leftists though, as in most cases they don’t think for themselves nor check the sources for themselves. Fine example of that is that not even all terrible soviet crimes (next to which even the holocaust pales) were able to persuade some people that communism is, well, evil and Marx was a madman. But at least I will have another argument when discussing with all those who attack Pinochet without knowing anything about Chile, Allende and 1973 except for what Allende’s daughter and some of his commie friends who escaped say (and media repeat). Funny how leftists’ brains function, BTW – when I cite a Chilean Pinochet supporter they say he is not objective but somehow Allende daughter is not subjective at all.