I was to go to Gdansk today with friends, but in the end it didn’t work out. I’m broke this weekend, so are they and in the end we are all stuck in this sad crappy capital. Pity. I would bike then tomorrow and visit friends to get away from my longing for the sea.

I really love the sea, as you might have guessed from this page’s design. The sea is a great metaphor for everything – and I really mean it. We are all just a streams of consciousness in the ocean of mind. I can watch waves for hours, just sit and watch them come and go – each different and unique yet each similar to the next one. I love the sound of sea, no matter whether it’s calm or stormy. I love it. Even despite the fact that I get seasick if weather gets rough – something I need to get over.

The bright news is that we’ll be going 100% next weekend. And the whole trip is to work on a yacht which needs some repairs and preparations for the season. It’s a 20 years old steel 40 feeter with some great cruises in its logbooks. It’s a kind of community effort to keep it in good shape. And in return for some hard work I can get some free sailing (or, being seasick in my case hehe) which is a fair trade, I think. And a chance to be close to the sea, get to know cool people etc.

OK, time to sleep now…