During the last Scrum Gathering Jeff Sutherland delivered a talk on hyper productive Scrum teams. One of his interesting points was that extreme data points (extremely well performing teams) are worth looking at, as people behind them must be doing something right. And that makes sense – if we are all to look for improvements in the way we do our projects we must look at those who make it better.

Another interesting thing Jeff described was how some companies – like Xebia – do Scrum with dispersed teams with productivity that is on par with co-located teams, which is quite an accomplishment. I found this very interesting, because for now we have whole our team in one office, but with time we might have to do something like this too and it is good to know how to do it well.

Luckily I don’t have to recount all that myself, as I just found that Jeff delivered the very same talk at Google a month earlier and they did put it on YouTube, so you can just enjoy the original.