So, the Irish have overwhelmingly rejected the “EU constitution” disguised as “Lisbon Treaty”. Thank you, Ireland! You did what all those who were denied their say by their supposedly democratic governments hoped for.

But this is not over yet for Ireland – the pressure will now mount, because the euro-socialists didn’t expect anyone to say no this time. Eurocracts will probably try to bully Ireland to get back in line with all kinds of threats – from being “left outside” to economic loses. For now they are expressing their anger by saying that “the NO vote is Ireland’s problem“.

Irish prime minister was already summoned to Brussels to explain himself – which shows clearly what the role of national PMs will be in the future EU super-state. And there is already talk of re-doing the referendum – a nice example of how much respect the supposedly democratic leaders have for the people’s vote.

So, dear Irish friends: hold on tight now!