I went today to watch the sunset over the fields.

I live on the edge of the city, literarily. On the other side of the street there are fields stretching for miles to the West, without any buildings or anything to obstruct the view – only far, on the horizon roofs of nearby town can be seen complete with a church tower. There is an unpaved country road going right through the middle of those fields, used mainly by the farmers who own them and people from the apartment buildings on my side of the street who walk there, mostly dog owners. That’s where I went on the bike to watch as the sun was going down.

It was rather empty today, no one working and just a few strollers on the horizon. And it was quite cold, despite weather being quite fair, with skies mostly clear. And it was very calm, as usual there. The magic of this place is that it’s just a mile or so from the city yet when you face the setting sun the city is behind your back so you don’t hear nor feel it, it might as well disappear for a while. There is just wind and some birds from a distance.

Watching the sun setting brings peace, puts everything that happens in my life into prospective. But then there is some melancholy in it, longing to go where the sun sets. I think I didn’t travel too long, living in one place makes me sick in the long run. I feel imprisoned by my circumstances and when I watch the sun go there over this distant town I promise myself that I would go too… soon…