I had a strange thing happen to me this morning. While going to the airport I chatted with the taxi driver. I mentioned how where I’ll be next year depends on a woman. Somehow we started to talk about love and how unique and important it is to find that one special person meant for us. And then the driver, a middle-aged man, told me his story.

He met the love of his life some twelve years ago. He said that it was like magic, when he first saw her something clicked instantly. As they progressed they discovered shared interests, outlook on life, intimacy and he became madly in love. He could think only of her, was loosing sleep, could not concentrate on work (oh, do I know the symptoms!).

But he was already married, had a kid going to high school. She was foreign, he was afraid he wouldn’t find a job etc. And there was pressure from the society. So he didn’t go for it. He made what many would call “the right decision” – and made his life miserable. He told me he regrets it now more than ever. He thinks of her every day. His marriage is a cold facade for hopelessness. The only bright spot in his life is his son, now in mid-twenties.

He told me that he remembered driving us one day. He wished us good. I tried to comfort him some by telling him he’ll meet her again, if not in this life then in next. We parted wishing each other all the best.

And I thought: it was a strange warning from the Soul of the World of what happens if we let our second half just pass through our lives for menial reasons.

But why did I receive it? I realize it fully. Do you?