Tonight I realized one thing. To experience something amazing, full of joy and intensity, we have to believe it is so. Otherwise we don’t see it, we are like someone who is colorblind. And something important, maybe the most important of all the things in our life, may just pass us by. And we won’t recognize it was even there.

A flower is beautiful not because it objectively is, it is beautiful because we believe in it. If we didn’t it would be just a reproductive organ of a plant, something commonplace, that will surely wither and die one day. Same object, two ways of experiencing it.

Indeed, reality is not fixed and objective. It’s something our minds cook for us. Skepticism, disbelief, pessimism are conditions of the mind that cause it to experience a limiting, stressing, sadly grey world. There must be some cure for them, I just wish I knew what it is. Because it is so sad to see people I care deeply for suffer from them. And not being able to pull them out.