As news sources have been informing around 4 million people have already arrived in Rome with others expected today. This would be largest human gathering in history, which is something. It’s hard to imagine this number of people crowded on terrain, which normally holds 3 million inhabitants. Logistics of this event are an enormous problem – those millions of people have to eat, drink and, well, defecate. This could cause a local ecological disaster with city’s sewage overloaded, tons of waste left by the pilgrims. And then there is terrorists threat.

Despite the fact that even Muslims expressed sorrow and sympathy for the Christians over the Pope’s death such a large gathering of VIPs and people in general is a huge opportunity for any crazy enough to think of it in such terms. A plane attack is probably out of question, because that’s what all security forces are preparing for. But even a few fools blowing up themselves in this kind of crowd would cause panic and a huge disaster. Let’s just hope that they didn’t have the time to prepare, since magnitude of the event surprises everyone.

But now I’m glad I didn’t go to Rome. After all, chances of getting into the Vatican and witnessing the event are practically none and I can watch TV at home as well.