I sit in a small room in a soft chair. There are 5 other chairs here. I sit in dim light from one fluorescent tube on the ceiling. And the room vibrates, shakes and wobbles. It’s called a compartment.

I can feel my body shaking and wobbling. There is one other man sitting in the opposite corner. I can see him shaking in the same rhythm. The air is fresh and has the smell of the autumn forrest. Music plays in my ears – I don’t hear anything else. There is a large mirror reflecting this scene. It’s surreal.

Actually, it’s a window but the outside is completely dark so, practically, it’s a mirror. And I’m on a train. Again. So simple, so ordinary. But it feels like a complex dream. Maybe it’s this dim, cold light. Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s my mood. Probably it’s all of that put together.

Time to wake up…