It is good to have friends! It’s a truism, but it’s so helpful to have someone to talk to in tough times. And if intense emotions are involved sane advice from someone not influenced by them is a lifesaver. Now, thanks to modern technology, friends can be with us even if they are oceans apart. I’m so grateful for that in this city, where I know no one except for the people I work with.

One of my friends wrote recently something very insightful which I would like to share with you:

“I think there is a certain kind of people, with lots of fear in them, who can’t be happy or don’t know how to be. If happiness is within their reach they sink into fear, feel endangered or unworthy. And nothing good comes out of that.”

Yes, indeed, she was spot-on with these words. She wrote a few more harsh but, again, insightful words that I won’t bring up here. Thanks, Noemi!

And thanks, Peter, for your simple, friendly advice. It was very forthright too and I grumbled some, but in all reality I’m grateful for it too.

Hm… when I think of it I should thank a few other people who helped me recently – and not for the first time – with some long talks or e-mails. Yes, it is at those times when I realize I’m surrounded by people who wish me well. Surrounded, even if they are mostly far away.

I pity those who don’t have anyone to honestly talk to at times of need. Have you?