OK, so it turns out I would have to wait for another week at least for some important news. And as I’ve sent the report -result of one and a half month of work – to the client I’m now in a state of limbo, with some time on my hands but little money. It’s interesting how it appears that we have so much to do, but then when we get some free time it turns out most of that can be dealt with quickly leaving some time to be taken care of.

Of course, this is a great opportunity to catch up on reading, write long overdue, lengthy e-mails to friends and practice more. I think I’ll take some time today to walk a bit in a park. It’s, after all, springtime and despite being quite cold everything is waking up to life. It’s a period of new hope each year as the sun rays get warmer and days get longer. Remains to be seen what it will bring this time.