My stay in Berlin was a bit different than planned because it rained almost the whole first day. So instead of walking we mostly drove around the city in the car. We visited some of Berlin’s numerous parks. I saw the famous Nazi Olympic Stadium – which we could not visit already as they plan to use it again for the football championship matches. In the end we spent a leisurely evening at a lounge – restaurant, which was not only eclectically decorated and had a good DJ on duty but also had a surprisingly wide range of great dishes.

Nightlife thrives in Berlin. At 11pm the place was just beginning to fill up and there was no sign of it being prepared to be closed. And it was just one of many cafes, pubs, lounges etc. along the streets.

I also had a chance to visit the new Berlin landmark – newly opened railroad terminal, Berlin Hauptbahnhof. I actually used it, first to buy tickets and then to depart from the city. It’s huge, very modern – and was also very crowded, although mainly by Berliners anxious to see this new architectural marvel. Starting from its shinny new platforms the return – or as I call it sometimes “descent” – to Poland provided even greater contrast.