It is actually quite nice to have a cat or two. I have two, the fat, black one and the thin, grey one. Sure, they meow sometimes and you don’t understand a word of what they are saying. And yes, their daily schedule includes a wild morning run at around 5 AM. Five days ago Basil, the grey one, woke me up at around this hour by meowing loudly. It turned out he just needed to be stroked and comforted some. The fatso, in turn, likes to come to my bed at night and snuggle against my arm purring happily. And yes, there are bowls to fill and a tray to empty each day. And yes, their fur is everywhere, literarily. Traveling with them would be a major trouble too, therefore I always organize someone to take care of them while I’m gone (which is also not that easy, few people like emptying cat’s trays).

But, I have to admit, that I really like these guys.