It has been another long day. Got up at 6:30, boarded first train on 7:50 from Cracow to Warsaw. There was no diner, the conductor said that overnight the heating broke down so there was no point in having it on the train as it would be freezing inside. I suggested they could always sell ice-cream there, everybody in the compartment laughed but I was hungry anyway.

I hoped to meet someone in Warsaw, but she overslept and didn’t make it. She wasn’t very eager to meet with me anyways in the last two days, but of course actions speak stronger than words. I wouldn’t oversleep if she was coming no matter what, but oh well… Now it’s up to her what happens next but I give up on trying. After all if someone does not enjoy my company enough to want to meet with me why force said someone into something she doesn’t like?

So, instead I wandered around the station for half an hour before the train to Berlin arrived. Then I spent another few hours, mostly sleeping or looking out of the windows at the snow covered country. Today in Poland the temperatures were supposed to reach -26C during the night and as the snow was falling for most of the day the scenery was very wintery indeed.

After all I reached Berlin (much warmer, temperature slightly above freezing), got to my friends and spent a very nice evening walking around (they happen to live close to the Diamond Way’s Berlin center I heard lots about), eating out in an Indian restaurant and talking a lot. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow except work and some sightseeing possibly, as shopping is out of question – Germans like their shops & malls closed on Sundays. That’s one thing about Germany I can’t get used to, but thank goodness they don’t close restaurants and museums….