I tried the Groove today (on learning that it was bought by Microsoft). And I must say that I love it. It simply solves one of my problems as a freelance consultant which has a computer at home, a laptop (or a series of laptops from different companies I work for) and occasionally a PC at an office – how to keep files consistent and up date in all those places. Groove easily integrates with the XP system I have to use and works well from behind firewalls – although I haven’t figured out yet what prevents it from synchronizing some jpeg images in one of the directories.

And I also like and understand the potential behind more complex services Groove offers for group collaboration like discussions, time sheets, calendar, meetings etc.

Now, if only a viable, cross-platform open source alternative existed… because to use its potential fully nearly everyone, or at least all people I work with on projects,would have to have it.

For now I’m already considering buying at least the filesharing option (which is not that expensive at around $70) when my trial period expires just for my own needs. And this is saying something because as far as I can remember I never ever bought a piece of software (not counting the Microsoft’s OS’s which came with the computers I had).