The time whirls around me, the days pass in a blink of an eye, weeks in a heartbeat. I succumb to that whirl willingly. It powers me, feeds me with energy, enthusiasm even, that I missed for a long time. It’s my work of course – nothing really world changing, nothing worth noting in history books – or even Wikipedia – it’s just managing the technical side of a telco startup. But this role is so well matched to my character, my aspirations, my knowledge, my skills that it motivates me in a way money itself couldn’t. It gives me a chance to work with people that I like and, for the most part, get along with very well. And it allows me to grow – I can feel as I grow each weak, I can see the stream of shining emptiness I call “me” mold and adapt, expanding and changing as I go through time.

With this all I just can’t help but wonder how this wave of good karma came to me, what seeds did I plant deep down in my past that bring this good results?