Religion and Philosophy

Last week whole Poland slowed down for the annunal „long weekend“ caused by two public holidays – on 1st and 3rd of May. Most people took a day off – or three – and went away from the cities. The streets were empty – except for the Cracow’s old town where the usual flood of tourists fills up the streets. (more…)

Once upon a time there was a young Zen monk who lived in a small, old temple in the mountains studying with his old master, Tetsu-Jin. The temple was indeed old, poor and not well maintained. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer, the roof leaked and the food was limited. The young monk didn’t like his temple, he felt sorry for himself and other monks that they have to practice in such misery. But though unhappy he never divulged his feelings to other monks and especially his old master, because he liked and respected him. (more…)

Wintry weather, especially the wave of extreme cold we experienced in Central Europe recently made me reflect on flexibility, adaptability of our race. Humans live everywhere from sweltering heat of equatorial jungles and deserts to bitterly cold sub-arctic Canada and Siberia. (more…)

A week ago I was walking down the street in Warsaw from a popular flower market. I’ve just bought some beautiful roses for someone very close to my heart and was heading back to my car passing other people, everyone preoccupied with their own business. Two guys immersed in a conversation passed me and in that short instant just those few words reached me: “people are dying every two seconds”.

I don’t know what they were talking about. Maybe they were talking about starvation in Africa or human rights abuses in China or maybe about just a computer game or an action movie. But this short reminder about impermanence and karmic bounds didn’t upset me, it just made me enjoy my living seconds more that day.

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