The first information about the attacks as an e-mail from a friend, who currently lives and works in London. I quickly checked the BBC’s web page with current information, which had some problems loading – clearly many more people were doing exactly the same. The tragedy is slowly taking shape.

I must say I sympathize deeply with Londoners right now. I was in London many times and I quite like this busy, crowded and not always clean city. I even experienced once an evacuation of the Oxford Circus tube station, which was scary but smooth and extremely well organized. I can therefore imagine what some of the people went through, though I can’t imagine London without the tube & buses going. It must be one gigantic traffic jam at the moment and surely many people would have to walk many miles to get to their homes from work. I just hope traditional British coolness, good organization and sense of humor will prevail once more and would help people cope with it.

I also hope people of the UK won’t react as Spaniards did a year ago, after the same insane bastards blew up commuter trains in Madrid. I hope they won’t abandon Iraq or betray their alliance with the US now, because that’s exactly what those terrorists would love to achieve.

This just shows once more that those who are able to plant a bomb on a train or bus full of innocent people should be tracked down and eliminated. And the West should at last wake up and face the facts – Islam as it is now is the fuel for aggressive attacks against our civilization. And Europe is more directly threatened by it than the US in the short run, with millions of migrants from Muslim countries who in their majority don’t integrate with the modern western societies that host them. Let’s put it straight: they don’t share our values, they don’t value our rights and democracies, they don’t value human life. In this situation proposing accepting Turkey into the EU is a madness. In this situation opposing US-led campaign against aggressive Islam in the Middle East is stupidity. I wonder, how long would it take for French and German leadership to understand the reality we’re in.

And, last but not least, I’m starting to worry about Poland. Though most people don’t know it Poland is the next most important US ally in Iraq after UK and Spain. Both UK and Spain have been attacked already. And there would be general and presidential elections in Poland this fall. Furthermore, Poland is likely to be less prepared to prevent such an action and deal with its aftermath not having any tradition of internal terrorism.