Last week whole Poland slowed down for the annunal „long weekend“ caused by two public holidays – on 1st and 3rd of May. Most people took a day off – or three – and went away from the cities. The streets were empty – except for the Cracow’s old town where the usual flood of tourists fills up the streets.

I wandered slowly through this human river, camera in hand, music in my ears, looking for less crowded spots, less popular streets, forgotten corners. And when I found them I took time to contemplate them. It is interesting how many details emerge from a church’s lawn if you sit still long enough looking at it and absorbing its calmness. There are piegons looking for something in the grass, there is washing drying in the open windows, there is a banner flapping in the wind. If you relax and look close enough you can see the shadows creep with Earth’s movement – it’s slow, but perceptible.

I don’t know if it’s my practice influencing it but I could somehow experience the wholness of such images or places. I spent twenty minutes contemplating the church lawn seeing and experiencing at the same time the piegons wandering by, the clouds changing shape, the swallows circling beneath them, the wind on my face, the steps of the few churchgoers passing my by. All that is one in each and every moment that passes and I’m a part of it.