September 2006

I sit in a small room in a soft chair. There are 5 other chairs here. I sit in dim light from one fluorescent tube on the ceiling. And the room vibrates, shakes and wobbles. It’s called a compartment. (more…)

Do you know anyone who loves artificial flowers? I don’t. They are a sad surrogate of what a real flower is.

And yet as I drove through Warsaw tonight I saw a billboard advertising an artificial flower factory… So, some people make a living producing objects that no one loves. Isn’t that strange?

Two days ago I was, again, praising my Mac to the colleagues during our holding quarterly management meeting. So was doing the other Mac user in our group. It then occurred to me that I’m, in fact, acting as a sales person for Apple. (more…)

A few days ago I wrote about fear. And indeed, fear leads people into choices that lead no one, even themselves, to joy and happiness. It is a limiting factor, forcing to see limits instead of potentials, obstacles instead of paths. But a very similar and equally harmful mental concept is the feeling of guilt. (more…)

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