Yes, I have a new job, and it’s so intensive that during the week I’ve barely time to skim through my private e-mail. My blog has been hit hard as a result and I’m afraid it would be updated about once a week in the near future. Thanks for your kind comments and wishes, they really made a difference for me.

And my job is that of a technical manager (or, poetically speaking, CTO) in a startup WISP/ISP with a mission of delivering affordable broadband access to the inhabitants of big cities in the Central and Eastern Europe. The company exists only half a year, started real activity only in June so nearly everything is still in the state of flux, being organized or changed. I have to do mostly everything – both making sure that the core computer systems would be built and managing the construction of some elements of our own infrastructure.

This is very exciting, but during last two weeks I have many time wished that the Earth’s rotation slows down so that a day would last longer. I’ve moments when I mentally hit a grey wall wondering what should I do next, what has greater priority or needs a push at that very moment. However, despite the fact that some things don’t go as fast as I wish or that I don’t have yet all the answers people expect from me I feel surprisingly confident in my role. I’m pretty sure I’ll do it in the end, even though probably with some delay here and blunder there – as is always the case when something is being hastily done

One of the factors that I like is that I get along very well with most people in the company, especially those I work with on a daily basis. We clicked almost immediately with my immediate peer, guy responsible for the business side of the company, which made our cooperation go very well. Also, our boss gives us a lot of responsibility and freedom, which is a good environment for growth even if it takes sometimes a few moments to adapt to.

OK, time to end this post as its 1AM local and I have tough day ahead. One more important remark though – somehow all this swirl knocked me out of my sitting routine. But today, with some effort, I sat zazen again after more than two weeks of not doing so. I will try to sit every day in the coming week.