I’m starting at my new job tomorrow. I’m quite excited about it, because on the surface it looks well matched to my personality, skills and current needs. But of course, I’m about to see how it looks on the inside. I’m prepared for some reality check, but I hope to maintain a positive attitude. Next two weeks would be spent mostly learning about the organization, business objectives and model, current situation, needs and of course seeing how I fit in there.

One problem for now is that my colleague, who was my predecessor is out of the country and for obvious reasons we won’t be able to meet until next Friday to conduct a kind of handover. And he left the company on a very short notice due to some personal circumstances. All that means that there are some processes open which will need quick attention and surely there are many pressing needs because the company is in the middle of its first year of operation. On the other hand I’ll have to avoid being pushed into making decisions or taking any important actions without being satisfied that I understand what I’m doing. I just hope the CEO would understand that.

I went today to the Warsaw office to collect a laptop – a dreadful black HP, heavy as an anvil and loaded with Polish Windows – that will have to serve me until I purchase my PowerBook. I spent some time chatting with the head of the Warsaw office. I hope we’ll go along quite well.

One thing that worries me, though, on the operational level is that only now I begun to realize how many meetings I’ll have to go to. And I don’t have a car. I wonder how long I’ll be able to cope with this as buying one is not within my current plan.

Well, things will sort out themselves I guess. Going to Cracow tomorrow.