As people stop to just mourn and start to think about what happened there are some conflicting views now regarding John Paul II and his pontificate. Media are full of talking heads debating various aspects of it. What particularly irritates me about the coverage in CNN and the likes is that during the discussions they inevitably bring gay marriage and ordaining women as serious issues. I don’t get it why people can consider someone’s sexual deviation a serious issue for anyone except his therapist. But even more, I don’t understand how Christians can possibly dispute the decisions of their lord? After all, it was Christ himself who, as a son of god, choose the apostles – and he choose all of them to be men. And homosexual intercourse is explicitly forbidden in he Bible.

Both those “serious issues” just happen to be the (few) things in Catholicism that are perfectly logical, based on the Bible whish is supposed to be its foundation. What I don’t get is why people who don’t agree with Christ and the Bible want to be Christians! I can’t understand it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact, that many people don’t get to actually choose their spiritual path. They get it from their parents, sometimes together with a baptism just after birth, and then either accept and embrace it or struggle with it.

Oh, what a blessing it was to be born into a religiously neutral family.