OK, so everyone is now busy commenting the new Apple devices announced last week on MacWorld. I didn’t so far, because none of the announcements could get me really excited. But in the end I want to add my 2¢ worth too…

The iPhone has been rumored for over a year now and expected at every major Apple event. What they finally unveiled is definitely a cool device, however it’s not revolutionary by any means. The idea of the user interface based on finger gestures (like pinching etc.) is definitely innovative, but other than that it is just another smartphone.

It’s funny that amidst whole the discussion about it I haven’t seen anyone point out the obvious fact that this device can be operated only while looking at it. Exactly because of the novel interface – since it has no keys to feel with your fingers I can’t imagine using it while driving, in places where you don’t want to draw attention etc. or simply while looking at something more interesting. Simple but important disadvantage, at least for me.

I think the simple “Apple TV” device, which didn’t command such media attention, will prove much more influential. Together with iTMS selling movies, paves the way towards new use for what was known as TV. It solves the problem of network quality (because the content is downloaded and then played, which makes small fluctuations of speed etc. typical to IP networks irrelevant) and reduces telcos to what they really are going to be – utility companies delivering IP datagrams home.

Add to that a collaborative automatic filter of content, similar to what last.fm did so brilliantly for music, and you have the new media. And not that this device sells at $300, way less than the overhyped iPhone.

On the personal note I’m disappointed, because my dream of having a black, anodized aluminum MacBook Pro with a backlit, unmarked keyboard won’t come to be realized. Pity. They could make it a special edition for their anniversary or something. And yes, I admit backlighting an unmarked keyboard is pointless – but it would look really cool, wouldn’t it?